Legislation: private act
Act in favoures of the toune of Glasgowe giveing them libertie to choose there owne magistrats

Oure soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering that the burghe of Glasgowe did heirtofore, in the electione of ther magistrates, demand the assent and approbatione of the archbeshope to the same, and dureing such tyme as episcopacy wes not allowed of this churche, of umquhill Lodwicke, duke of Lennoxe and Richmond, who was heritablie infefte in the said archbeshoprike, with the priviledges belonging therto, and specially the nominatione of the magistrates of the toune of Glasgow, and now the said burghe, being one of the best peopled and pryme burghes within the kingdome, it is most agreeable to reassone that they should have free liberty to elect and choyse suche persones as should be most fit both to serve the prince and governe the burghe it selfe, as other burghes of this kingdome; therfore, our soverane lord, with the advyse of the estates, and of the speciall consent of James, now duke of Lennox and Richmond (who hes the lyke heritable right of the said archbishoprike of Glasgow and priviledges therof granted to him as the said umquhill Lodowike, duike of Lennox and Richmond, his uncle, had) statutes and ordeanes that the burghe of Glasgowe, in all tymecomeing, shall have alse free libertie in the electione and choosing of there magistrates yeirly at the accustomed tymes as any other burghe within this kingdome of Scotland, with this speciall provisione and conditione: that the proveist, baillies and counsell of the burghe and ther successoures shall present yeirlie in all tymecomeing ane leit of three persones to be proveist of the said burgh to the said James, duike of Lennox and Richmond and his successoures foirsaid, off the whilke nomber the said James, duke of Lennox and his successoures foirsaid shall nominat one to be proveist for the yeir falloweing, whom they shall be obleist to receave and admit to be ther proveist the same yeir and authoreize him with all commissioun necessar to that effect, provyding the said Duke of Lennox and his foirsaidis, be themselves or ther commissioner, be present yeerlie within the said burghe at the castle which belonges to the duke and his successoures, the tyme of the electione of ther magistrates, and incaise of ther absence, in that caise it shall be lauchfull to them to goe one in the electione of ther proveist for that yeir of ther absence allenerly.

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