Act in favoures of the procuratouris for the estate

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering that Maister Rodger Mowat, Maister Alexander Peirsone, Maister James Baird and Maister Thomas Nicollsone, advocates, was nominate and appoynted be the committee of estates of parliament, wpoun good consideracions, to be advocates for the estates for persute of all sicke actiones as conserned the publict and for consulting and advysing of all such busines as should be recommendit or committed to them be the committie of parliament, and that the said Maister Thomas Nicolsone was not only appoynted ane of the advocats for the state, bot also was appoynted to have the chairge of all process to have bene intendit before committee or parliament for the effaires of the publict, and to attend continowallie upoun the said committie and manage the busines of the publict as he should receive order from the samene committee. And alse our soverane lord and estates of parlliament, haveing fund that the saidis advocates of the state have faithfullie and diligentlie dischairged ther duetie in ther service to the publicke, both to the committie and this present parliament, in consulting, advysing and in prosecuting and dischairgeing all the poyntes of ther chairge respective abovewrittin againest all persones cited to this present parliament for the publict intrest, therfore our said soverane lord and estates of parliament allowes approves the carriage of the saidis advocates for the estates in all thinges wherine they have bene imployed be the said committie and be the present parliament in consulting, advysing and otherwayes attending the effaires of the publict at all occasiones as they ware requyred as good service done be them to the kingis majestie and estates of this kingdome, and ordeanes the generall comissar to make payment to the saidis advocates of ther bygone fees, conforme to ane acte of the foirsaid committee mad theranent, and remittes the consideracion of the recompence of thair paines and travellis takine and to be takine be them in ther service for the publict to the committee of the commone burdings, recommending the same to the said committee to be considered be them according as the saidis advocates shall be fund to have deserved.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.186r.