Commissione for regulating of commissariotes

Our soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates of parliament, heath givine and granted, and by tennour heirof gives and grantes, full power and commissione to these persones who shall be nominat by the lordis of secreet counsell, to whom his majestie and estates of parliament remittes and referres the nominatione of the commissioners to the effect eftirspecified, or any five of the saidis commissioneres to be nominate by the saidis lordis of secreet counsell as said is, for ordering the commissares jurisdictione and cleering the boundis and limittes therof, that ther be no occasione of questione betuixt them and other inferiour judges. With pouer to the saidis commissioneres to regulat ther judicatories and set doune pryces wpoun the seales, testamentes, sommondes, actes, decreetes and all other writes conserning that office, to be takine by commissars, ther clerke or procurator fiscall, all quotes of testaments being speciallie dischairged to be exacted in any tymecomeing, and to setle and establishe the fees of the commissares of Edinburghe; and for that effect to meet and conveene at Edinburgh the [...] day of [...], with power to them to appoynt dyetes alse ofte as they shall thinke fitt wntill the said commission take efflect anent the particulares foirsaid. And whatsoevir the saidis commissioneres or ther quorum shall determine and conclude theranent, our soverane lord, with advyse foirsaid, ratifies and approves and ordeenes the same to have the strenth, force and authoritie of ane act of parliament.

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