Commissione for receiving of the brotherlie assistance from the parliament of England

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament, considering that of the brotherly assistance promeised and obleidged to be payed by the parliament and kingdom of England to this kingdome of Scotland, for releefe and defrayment of the commone burdenes and losses of the samene, ther is yit resting the soume of tuo hundreth and tuentie thousand pund sterling money conforme to the articles of the late treatty and ane act of publict faith granted by the parliament of England for payment therof at the termes therin conteyned, therfore our said soverane lord and estates of parliament doe heerby grant full power, warrand and commissione and appoyntes, nominates and authoreises the persones particularlie eftirmentionat, viz: Johne, erle of Loudoun, chancellour of Scotland, Archbald, marques of Argyle, Alexander, erle of Eglingtoun, Johne, erle of Cassilis, Williame, erle of Glencairne, Johne, erle of Lauderdaill, Williame, erle of Lothiane, Johne, erle of Lindesay, David, erle of Southeske, James, erle of Findlater, Johne, lord Sinclair, Johne, lord Ballmerino, Robert, lord Burghlie, George, lord Forrester, Sir Charles Erskeene of Randeth2, Sir David Home of Weddirburne, Sir Robert Innes of that Ilk, Sir George Dundas of that ilke, Sir Williame Cunyngham of Capringtoun, Sir Johne Wauchope of Nidrie, Sir Alexander Erskeene of Dune, Sir Gilbert Ramsay of Ballmayne, Sir Duncane Campbell of Auchenbreke, Sir Williame Forbes of Craigyvare, Sir Robert Greersone of Lage, Maister George Douglas of Bonjedburghe, Williame Rige of Etherny, Alexander Gordoun of Erlestoune, Johne Binnie, burges of Edinburghe, Thomas Durhame, burges of Pearth, Patrike Leslie, burges of Aberdeene, George Bell, burges of Linlithgow, Patrike Bell, burges of Glasgowe, James Suord, burges of Standrois, Johne Kennedy, burges of Air, Johne Semple, burges of Dumbartane, Williame Glendonying, burges of Kirkecudbright, James Scote, burges of Montrose, Maister Robert Barclay, burges of Irving, James Andersone, burges of Couper, George Gairdene, burges of Bruntyland and Maister Alexander Douglas, burges of Bamff, togidder with Alexander, erle of Levine and Sir Adame Hepburne of Humbie, one of the senatoures of the colledge of justice, whom his majestie and estates of parliament adds to the foirsaid nomber as ordinar memberes, with the rest to be commissioneres from his majestie and the parliament to the effect eftirspecified, granting and committing, lykeas his majestie and estates foirsaidis doe, by vertue of thir presentes, grant full power, warrand and commissione to the foirnamed persones, or to any tuelfe of them, who shall be a quorum, there being all wayes three of them of ilke estat, either by themselves or by such other persones as shall be entrusted and authoreized by them, or ther quorum foirsaid for that effect, to crave, receive, wplifte and intromet with the foirsaid soume of tuo hundreth and tuentie thousand pundis sterling money foirsaid yit resting wnpayed of the said brotherlie assistance promeised and obleigd to be payed by the said parliament of England in maner foirsaid; and with pouer to the saidis commissioneres, or such as shall be appoynted by them as said is, to give and grant dischairges upoun the receipt of the said soume in whole or in pairt, which shall be als valied and sufficient as if the samene were granted by the kingis majestie and whole body of this present parliament; and with pouer to them to setle, accord and agree wpoun the best wayes and courses how the said brotherly assistance may be most tymeously and conveniently payed at the termes of payment appoynted for that effect, or otherwayes how the same may be advanced, ather by exchange or other wayes for defrayment and releef of the saidis comone burthens, as may be most conduceble for the good and releef of the publict; and whatsoevir acquittances or dischairges the foirnamed persones or such other persones as shall be authoreized by them shall grant and subscryve wpoun the receipt of the said soume or any pairt therof, or whatsoevir other course they shall accord or agree wpoun conserneing the samene, his majestie and estates of parliament doe by these presentes approve and authoreize the same and, if need be, shall ratifie the samene in the nixt ensueing parliament. And generally our said soverane lord aidis, grantes and committes full power and commissione to the foirnamed persones and ther quorum foirsaid, and to these who shall be authoreized by them as said is, to doe, exerce, accord and agree upoun all and every thing necessary anent the payment and recoverie of the foirsaidis soumes and everything els which may conserne the samene in all respectes needfull and expedient; wheranent our said soverane lord and estates of parliament declaires that thir presentes shall be ane good and sufficient warrant for them and all otheres whom the samene may conserne, the foirnamed comissioneres and these to be authoreized and appoynted by them for the effect abovespecified being allwayes comptable and ansuerable for ther cariage and proceedingis in the premiss.

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