Procedure: election and nomination of officers of state
Act anente the nominatioune and electioun of the officeres of estate

The quhilk day the kingis majestie, with advyse and approbatione of the estates of parliament conveend in parliament, nominat and elected the persons wnderwrittin to the places and offices of estates of this kingdome respective eftirmentionat respective formerlie possest be them, viz: Robert, erle of Roxburgh, to the place and office of privie seale, Williame, erle of Lanarke, to the place and office of secreetarie, Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, to the place and office of his heighnes advocate, Sir James Carmichell, to the place and office of thesaurer deput, and Sir Johne Hammiltoune of Orbestoune, to the place and office of justice clerke, and that ad vitam vel culpam, conforme to the act of this present parliament mad anent the electione of officeres of estate, counselloures and sessioners upoun the sexteene day of September last bypast. Lykeas his majestie, with advyce and approbatione foirsaid, gives and dispones to thair foirnamed persones, and ilke ane of them ad vitam vell culpam as said is, the foirsaidis offices respective abovementioned wherunto they are nominated and elected in maner foirsaid, togidder with all honoures, dignities, proffites, benefites, liberties and priviledges which have bene possest and brooked by any preceeding officeres of estate of the foirsaides offices abovewrittin, and which may be now brooked by the lawes of this kingdome. And ordeanes ane gift to be past and exped wnder his heighnes great seall to ilke ane of the persones abovenamed of the foirsaid offices respective abovewrittin, wherwnto they are nominated and elected in maner befor rehearsed.

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