Procedure: ordinance concerning the Earl of Montrose
Ordinance for reeding of the letter writtin be the Erle of Montrose to the king and for examinating the erle therupoun

The quhilk day his majestie nominat the Erles of Eglingtoun, Cassillis and Louthane, the Lord Lindesay, the Lairds of Innes and Carse, the commissioneres of Edinburghe and Irving, with the formar committie nominat for the late incident, to be present with his majestie this efternoone at ane of the cloke for reiding of the lettir writtine to his majestie be the Erle of Montrose and examinating the said erle thairupoun. And for that effect, appoynts in the abbay at the said hour the erle to be brought, and accordinglie the president subscryved ane warrand to the constable of the castle and to the proveist and baillies of Edinburghe for that effect.

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