Legislation: private act
Ratification in favoures of the reeder and schoolmaister of Megle Kirke

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament ratifies and appreve ane lettir of gifte wnder the privie seale granted be his majestie to Maister Thomas Small, sone to George Small of Foverand, as present reider and schoolmaister at the kirke of Megle, and his successoures reideres and shoolmaisters thairat, of tuo chalderes victuell yeirlie to be wplifted forth of the personag teyndes of the said paroch, which gift is daited the tuentie fourt day of September 1641 yeires, togidder with the letters of consent and ratificatione mad and granted be Maister Johne Symer, present minister of the said kirke, who is laitlie provydit be his majestie as wndoubted patrone of the said kirke, of the personage and vicearage teyndes therof, wherby the said Johne hes not onlie consented to the said gifte and mortificatione of the saidis tuo chalderes victuall, bot hes also ratified and appoynted the same for himselfe and his successoures, quhilks letters of consent and ratificatione are daited the sexteene day of September 1641 yeires, in the haill heides, tennour and contentes of the same. And his majestie, with advyse and consent of the saidis estates, ordeanes that in all presentations to be past heireftir in favoures of the succeiding ministeres of the said kirke of the personage and viccarag teyndis therof, that speciall exceptioune and reservatione be mad of the tuo chalderes victuell foirsaid in favoures of the reader and schoollmaister of the said kirke, wtherwayes all presentationes not beiring the said exceptioune and reservatione to be null and of none availl, at leist if any such presentationes shall be past not conteyneing the said exceptioun, yit his majestie and estates declaires that the samene shall nowayes hurt nor prejudge the said reader and schoollmaister anent his said stipend and pensione, bot the samene shall remaine wnhurt and wnprejudged thairby, notwithstanding of the samene presentatione sua to be past or ony other objectione or oppositione to be mad in the contrair.

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