Act anent the change of the termes

Oure soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering the great prejudices his majesties leiges doe susteine by the inconveniency of the present termes of payment of there debtes and annualrentes at Whitsonday and Mertimes heirtofore, whereas if the samene ware altered and changed to Lambes and Candillmes yeirlie, they might get in ther owne rentes and dueties to pay there lawfull creditoures therwith more easily at the saidis termes of Lambes and Candillmes then at the former termes of Whitsonday and Mertimes. Therfor, our soverane lord and estates of parliament have now altered and changed the formar course of termes of payment from Whitsonday and Mertimes to the termes of Lambes and Candlemas in all tyme heireftir and ordeanes the same to be usuall termes of payment of all debtes and annuell and for wsing of all order of redemptione; and ordeanes all premonitions and requisitiones to be mad befor the said termes of Lambes and Candlemes in place of the termes of Whitsonday and Mertimes in tymecomeing, notwithstanding of ony clauss of redemptione, promonitione or requisitione conteynd in ony bandis or other writtis beiring samene to be made or done either before Whitsonday or Mertimes in maner therinspecified, quhairanent our soverane lord and estates of parliament dispenss for evir; begineing the first termes redemptione, premonition or requisitione at and before Candlemes nixt, in place of the terme of Mertimes, and the nixt terme at and befor Lames nixt, for and in place of Whitsonday, and so forth yeirlie and termlie in all tymecomeing, bot prejudice to all creditours of all there just annualrentes that shall be due to them from Mertimes nixt to Candillmes nixtocome, and from Whitsonday to Lambes, which is declaired to be one quarteres annuell, and lykewayes but prejudice to them of all other bygone annuell resting oweing to them of whatsoevir other yeeres or termes preceeding, which are and shall be payed at the terme of Candlemes next. And this act to be wnderstood only for borroweing and lending of moneys wpoun bandis or infeftment and payment of anuellrentes, and the former termes of Whitsonday and Mertimes to stand for redemptiones proper wodsettis, flitting and removeing of tennents both in burghe and land.

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