Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

Procedure: ordinance concerning the Irish business
Ordinance anente the Irishe bussines

The quhilk day the report from the committie abovementionat for considering wpon the commotione of Ireland being red in audience of his majestie and parliament, off this tennour falloweing, viz: the committie appoynted for takeing to there consideracion the commotiones in Ireland being met in the lord generalles house, and haveing red the lettir directed to the kingis majestie from the Lord Cheichester, daited at Bellfast, 21 of October 1641, hes considerit that his majestie, out of his wisdome and royall cair of the peace of his kingdomes, hes allreddy acquanted the parliament of England with the intelligence from Ireland, and hes sent to Ireland to know the certanty of that commotione and of the forces of that combinatioune, which, till it be farder knowne, ther can be no particular course takine for suppressing therof; and the kingdome of Ireland being dependand wpoun the croune and kingdome of Ingland, the Inglishe may conceave jelousies and mistake our forwardnes when they shall heir of our preparacciones without ther knowledge in this, wherin they are first and more properlie concerned; and if the insurrectione be of that importance as the Britishe within Ireland are not pouerfull enoghe to suppress it without assistance of greater forces then ther owne, and that his majestie and parliament of Ingland shall thinke our aid necessar to joyne with them, we conceave that the assistance which we can contribute may be in reddines alse soone as Ingland; and if, eftir resolutione takine be his majestie with advyce of both parliamentes, it shall be fand necessar that we give ane present assistance, we shall goe aboute it with that speed which may witnes our duetifull respect to his majestie service and our affectione to our brethrene, his majesties loyall subjectes of England and Ireland, as the report beires. His majestie and parliament appoyntes thrie of the barrones and three of the burrowes to meit with the Erle of Eglingtoun at three houres eftirnoone to take to thair consideratione be way of estimatione or conjecture the nomber of boats or lynfadis which in the pairtes of this kingdome lyand opposite to Ireland may be had in reddines, and what nomber of men may be transported thairin, and to report againe to the parliament. And ordeanes the foirsaid report abovementioned this day red and produced to be recordit in parliament ad futuram rei memoriam as is abovewrittin as ane testimony of there affectione to his majesties service and the good of the neighbour kingdomes.

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