Warrand in favoures of the Laird of Kames reponing him againes the commissers of Edinburgh decret

The quhilk day, anent the supplicatione givine in to the parliament be Hector Bannatyne of Kames, makeand mentione that he being appointed commissioner to this parliament for the sherifdome of Bute, trewe it is that Ninian Stewart of Askoge intentit actiones aganes him befor the commisseres of Edinburgh for reduceing ane decreet obtenit be the said Hector againes him befor the commisseres of the yles, quhairintill the commissares of Edinburghe hes givine decreit of reductione againes the supplicant, and therfor desyreing to be reponit againes that decreet of reductione and the same to be declaired null, as the said supplicatione in it selfe proportes. Quhilke supplicatione being this day publiclie red in open parliament in audience of the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, and the desyre thairof foirsaid considerit be them, his majestie and estates of parliament findis the desyre abovementionate of the said supplicatione ressonabill and, thairfore findis the decreit abovewrittin null and repons the supplicant againes thesaid decreet as if the samene had never bene givine.

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