Legislation: private act
Act of exonoration and approbatioun in favoures of the louetennent generall of his chairge of liuetennent generall

The quhilk day the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, haveing takine to ther consideracion the petitione of James, lord Almont, makeand mentione of the trust put wpoun him be the committie of estates of this kingdome, with consent of the lord generall, quherby he was intrusted in the chairg of liuetennent generall of ther army in the late troubles, and that dureing the tyme of his said imployment he heath laboured in all faithfullnes to acquyte himselfe, and sieing by the blissing of God and the happines of the late treattie all materes of that kynd are brought to ane peaceable close, he therfore desyreth that the kingis majestie and estates of parliament would be pleased to disburdene him of that chairge and receive ane accompt of his actiones thairintill, which he is willing to render that so he may have his majestie and estates approbatione or censure as he heath deserved, as his supplicatioun at mair lenth beires. His majestie and the estates, finding the said petitione to be most equitable, and haveing compaired the petitioner, his whole actiones and deportmentes in all the pairtes of his chairge foirsaid with his commissione granted to him the tyme of his wndertakeing the said chairge, togider with the said lord generall, his approbatione of the said Lord Almont, his cariage in the said chairge, doe find and declair that the said James, lord Almond heath in all fidelity and nobilitie of speirit walked woorthie of so great trust as was put wpoun him to be liuetennent generall of the said army; and therfor his majestie and estates of parliament not only doe liberate and exoner him of the said chairge and commissione or what meight be requyred therby, bot also, for the farder demonstratione of there respect to his noble deportment, doe add wnto his trewe woorth ther generall approbatione and doe honor him with this there nationall testimony: that he heath deserved weell of the publicke as a loyall subject to the kinge, a faithfull servant to the estates of parliament and a trewe patriot to his cuntrie.

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