Procedure: proposal concerning the election of Lord Loudoun to be chancellor
Conditionall provision proponit to the electione of the Lord Loudoun to be chancellour

The quhilk day the kingis majestie reproducit the overtour givine in be Sir Thomas Hope anent the conditiones and provisione for the Lord Loudoun his electione to be chancellour, quhairof the tennor falloueth: To voyce to the electione of the Lord Loudoun, with this declaratione: that the alloweing or disalloweing of the Lord Loudoun to be chancellor, being maid by the chancellour viva voce, shall nowayes be prejudiciall to the cleiring of the tuo difficulties proponit anente the explanatione of the acte and voyceing be way of billetes, bot that the same may the2 voyced, hard and debaited in the same estate they now are and as if the parliament had not voyced to the electione of the Lord Loudoun, and that his majestie and estates of parliament for these questiones may be in statu quo nunc. Conforme to the quhilke paper and wpoun the conditione therincontenit, the kingis majestie and estates proceedit to the electione and approbatioun of the said Lord Loudoun to be chancellour.

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  2. Sic. Should say 'be'.