Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

Legislation: private act
Act and declaratione be the king and parliament in favoures of the Marques of Hammiltoune

The quhilk day this act was mad be the king and estates quherof the tennour falloueth: Quhairas ther hes been certane sclandalous wordis spokine of the Marqueis of Hammiltoune, tending to the prejudice of his honour and fidelitie to his majestie and his cuntrie, which are now acknoweledged be Harie, lord Ker, speeker therof, in presence of his majestie and estates of parliament, to have beene rashe and groundles, for the speeking wherof he is hartilie sorie. And since his majestie and estates of parliament knowes them to be so, therfor his majestie and estates foirsaidis declaires the said Marquois of Hammiltoune to be free therof and esteames him to be ane loyall subject to his majestie and faithfull patriot to his cuntrie, and the saidis estates remittes the farther censure2 to the kingis majestie. Subscryved be praeses of the parliament at directione of his majestie and estates therof.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.132r.
  2. APS inserts the following interpolation at this point: 'of the said Lord Ker'.