Act of exonoratione and approbatione in favoures of Adame Blair

The quhiilk day the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, haveing takine to there consideratione the petitione givine in to them be Adame Blair, makeand mentione that he was imployit as clerke to the lordis and wtheres commissioneres for the treattie, and that according to his power he had exercit that office, and that the treattie was now brought to ane happie conclusione, therfor entreating the kingis majestie and parliament to take tryell of his cariage in the said imployment and ather to censure him if he should have bene fund to have omittit any thing intrusted to his chairge or committed any thing to the prejudice of the king and kingdome, or wtherwayes to approve his proceedinges as they shall be fund to deserve, as the petitione in it selfe proportes. His majestie and estats of parliament findis the desyre foirsaid of the said petitione just and reassonable, and haveing examinat and considerit the supplicantes cariage in the foirsaid trust and imployment, with the testimony of the saidis lordis and otheres commissioneres to whom he was imployit as clerke in the foirsaid commissione, doe find and declair that the said Adame Blaire heath faithfully and cairfullie exerced the foirsaid office and chairge put upon him according to his power dureing the haill tyme therof and conforme to the trust committit to him therintill; and thairfor, his majestie and estates of parliament doe not onlie liberat and exoner him of all questione or challenge that can be laid to him for his cariage in the foirsaid imployment, bot also doe give him this testimony that he heath behaved himselfe honestlie and cairfullie in the said imployment as ane loyall subject to the king and trewe patriot to his cuntrie.

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