Procedure: commission
Commissione for heiring of the accomptes of Monro, Cochrane and Lord Sinclare

The quhilk day the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, taking to consideratione the petitiones givine in be Generall Major Monro, for himselfe and the officeres of his regiment, craveing payment to them and the souldieris of the regiment of bygone arreirages befor they disband, and heirwith also considering that the Lord Sinclare, his regiment, and Collonell Cochrane, his regiment, are in the like conditione with Monro, his regiment foirsaid anent the payment of ther bygone arreirages befor they be disbandit, his majestie, with the advyce of the estates of parliament, hes for the bettir facilitating and furthering of the payment of the saidis regimentes, officeris and souldieris, that therwpoun they may the more ordourlie disband, givine and granted and heirby gives and grantes full power and commissione to Archbald, lord Douglas, Johne, lord Maitland, James, lord Carnagie, David, lord Elcho, Sir Johne Hammiltoune of Barganie, Johne Crawfuird of Killbirnie, Mungo Campbell of Laweres and Sir Patrike Murrey of Elibanke, in absence of Sir Williame Mure of Rowallane, Edward Edgar and Johne Byneing, merchandis burgess of Edinburgh, Maister Alexander Weddirburne, clerke of Dundie, and Hew Kennedy, burges of Air, or to any seavine of the haill nomber abovewrittin, to heir, consider, sit and conclud the haill comptes, asweell tuo pairt as third pairt of the samene accomptes, of the three regimentes abovementionat, and to sit and meit therwpon for that effect dureing the tyme of the sitting of this present parliament, or quhill the samene accomptes be fitted and concludit, and eftir the heiring, fiting and concluding of the samene haill accomptes, asweell tuo pairt as third pairt thairof, of the foirsaidis three regimentes abovewrittin, ordeanes the commissioneris respective abovenamed, or any seavine of the haill nomber foirsaid, to report the ending and conclusione of the saidis comptes and what they find and conclud therintill to the parliament to be considerit by them, that accordinglie ordour may be takine for payment of the saidis officeris and souldiers of the foirsaidis three regimentes as the parliament, eftir consideratione of the saidis auditoures abovenamed ther report foirsaid, shall find expedient. And in the meanetyme, for the more summare expeditione and outredding of the saidis comptes, ordeanes the saidis commissioneres respective abovenamed to meit at all such convenient tymes and dyets dureing the siting of the said parliament as may best further and advance the fitting and ending of the three regiment comptes respective foirsaidis.

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