Ordinance in favoures of the toune of Wigtoune

The quhiilk day, the supplicatione and complaint givine in be the toune of Wigtoun aganes the Erle of Galloway, being red in audience of his majestie and the parliament, togidder with the said Erle his ansueres therto and replyes mad be the toune to these ansueres, the estates of parliament ordeanes lettires to be direct at the instance of either pairtie to sommond witness to compeir befor the parliament to be examinat wpon what shall be admitted to either pairties probatione, ather of the petitione or reply for the persewer, or defenss for the defender, and that upoun ther owne perrell without prejudice to both pairties of ther reassones why no witness can be examinat wpon these poyntes or why they are not relevant, and als without prejudice of the objectiones againes the witness, and assignes the tuentie thrid of this instant hinc inde to the effect abovewrittine.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.116r.