Act for abolishing monumentes of idolatrie

Oure soverane lord, with consent of the estates of parliament, wnderstanding that the generall assembly of the kirke heath by there speciall act made the 30 of July 1640, sessione 3, ordeaned all idolatrous images, crucifixes, pictures of Christ and all other idolatrous pictures to be demolished and removed forth and from all kirkis, colledges, chappelles and other publict places, therfor ordeanes all presbetries to take diligent tryell of all idolatrous pictures and images being within kirkis, colledges, chappelles and other publict places, and eftir tryell intimat the same first to the owneres and pairties themselves that they may remove the same. And incaise they doe neither appeill presentlie from the presbetrie in the ordinarie way to the synod and generall assembly nor remove them within the space of three monethes, then to intimat the same to all shereffis, stewartes, baillies, magistrates of burghes and regalities within the which the same shall be fund. And ordeanes them wpoun the requisitione to be mad to them by the saidis presbetries, moderator or brethren therof to raz, demolishe, abolish, cast doune or deface all these idolatrous images, pictures and other idolatrous monumentes foirsaidis, according as they shall be enjoyned and directed from the foirsaidis presbetrie from tyme to tyme, ilke ane of them within there owne boundis and jurisdictione respective except in the caise of appeallatioune foirsaid. And if the presbetries be negligent, that they be sensured by the synodis and generall assemblyes and the shereffs and other officeres foirsaidis (incaise of thair negligent) to be sensured by the secreete counsall as they shall thinke reassonable, and prohibites and dischairges all making of such images or idollis and all wpputing of the same in all tymecomeing wnder all heighest paines to be inflicted wpoun the contraveeneres thairof.

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