Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

Procedure: protest by the Laird of Langton
Protestatione be the Laird of Langtoun anent the place of wsharie

The supplicatione presented be the Laird of Langtone conserneing his ansueres anent the wscherie to the petitione exhibit be the Erle of Lanarke, in name of James Maxwell, being red, appoyntes ane double therof to be givine to the Erle of Lanarke and ane uther to the Erle of Wigtoun, that they may be advysed thairwith; and the said Sir Williame Cockburne of Langton askit instrumentes that he was debarrit violentlie from the possessione of his place of wscherie, and protestit that the samene mycht not be prejudiciall to his right of the said place and office.

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