Prayer said and rolles callit.

Rege presente.

Act dischairging levies and recrues of souldiers till the 1 of Apryle nixt

Quhaireas it heath beene humbly remonstrat to his majestie be the estates of parliament, therfor it is statute and ordenit be our soverane lord, with advyse of the saidis estates, that there be ane restraint of all levies and recrwes of souldieris to be sent out of this kingdome till ane resolut ansuer frome the dyet at Ratisbonne concerneing the Prince Elector, at the least whill the first day of Apryle nixt to the effect the Prince Elector, his effaires and bussines may be the bettir furthered and advanced; dureing the which tyme our soverane lord, with advyse foirsaid, dischairges all leivyes and recrues of souldieres within this kingdome, to the effect foirsaid, and dureing that tyme inhibites and dischairges all skipperes, sayloris and maisters of shippis to transport any souldieres from this kingdome beyond seas to any forrane cuntrie or kingdome, wnder the paine of fourtie pund for ilke souldier so transported toties quoties, and ordeanes thir presents to be intimat to all his majesties leiges be publicke proclamatione at the mercat croce of Edinburgh, peir and shore of Leith and all seaportis of this kingdome needfull wherby non pretend ignorance. And for the bettir observatione of the premiss, heirby gives warrand and exprese bidding to all searcheris at seaportes to looke cairfullie and searche all shipis befor they loose or make saill and to stopt and imped all the saidis souldeers frome goeing out of the cuntrie wnder the paine of ane hundreth pund to the searcher incaise of negligence in the executione of the power heerby committed to them. It is allwayes declaired that such officeris who have served abroad and have now bene imployed for the cuntrie and shall have the generall his pass are not comprehendit in this present act bot expreslie excepted furth therof.

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