Rolles callit and prayer said.

Rege presente.

Procedure: declaration concerning the Elector Palatine
Declaratione be the estates conserning the Elector Pallatyne

The kingis majestie haveing seriouslie recommendit this his manifest to the consideratione of the estates of parliament of this his majesties ancient and native kingdome, they, eftir mature deliberatione, doe wnanimously approve the same and his majesties pious and just resolutiones thairin exprest, and with most hearty affectiones, ansuerable to the neirnes of there intrest in that princelie famelie of the Elector Pallatyne, declair that incaise his majestie doe not prevaill, be this present treattie they will joyne and concurre, be the advyce and assistance in a parliamentarie way, in the prosecutione of his majesties designes for his honnour and the advantage of his royall sister and nephewes who are discendit of that royall stem which by the successione of ane hundreth and eight kingis heath suayed the scepter over this kingdome. And the kingis majestie and estates foirsaidis ordeanes the said manifest to be prented and this act to be subjoyned therto.

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