Act anent sitting of inferiour judicatories

Forsameikle as our soverane lord and estates of parliament taking to ther consideratione that dureing the tyme of the siting of the supreme and highe court of parliament of this kingdome all other judicatories therof are supprest, and heirwith also being myndfull that the leiges be not prejudged of the administratioune of justice in ther just and laufull persutes and actiones, therfor, our said soverane lord and estates of parliament foirsaid have dispensit and dispenss with the sitting of shereffe courtis, commisser courtis, barrone courtes, baillie courtis and burrowe courtis wnto the last day of August inclusive 1641 yeires instant, and ordeanes the saidis judges of the foirsaidis judicatories to proceed in the administratione of justice to all the leiges in there severall judicatories foirsaidis dureing the tyme abovementionat, provyding they proceed not againes any members of parliament or any of these at the armie or any otheres employit in the effaires of the publict, againes whome our soverane lord and estates foirsaidis declaires it shall not be leisum to proceed in any of the saidis judicatories dureing the tyme foirsaid, and that all sentances to be givine againes them in that tyme shall be null. And ordeanes publict proclamatione to be made heirof at the mercat croce of Edinburghe to the effect befor rehearsit.

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