Act anent the necessares for the armie

The quhilke day our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considering how necessar it is that horss, cairtes, traisses and other furnitour convenient for carieing provisione for the armie and transporting the ammunitione and baggage2, therfor does heirby command and chairge that all horss, cairtes and traisses, creillis and other furnitour necessar to the effect foirsaid be in reddines to come in such nombers to such places and with such furnitour as the commissioneris or any of them shall appoynt; and that upon tuelve houris adverteisment to be givine for that effect wnder all hiest paine that eftir may fallow; and ordeanes publict proclamation to be mad heirof that none pretend ignorance.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.95r.
  2. At this point APS inserts the words 'be in reddines'.