[Letter to the committee of estates from Colonel Robert Munro]

Letter Colonel Robert Monro

To the right honorable the lords and uthers of the committee of estait at Edinburgh, these

Right honourable,

The necessitie of our regiment being so great maks officers and souldioures uncessantlie with thair importunitie runne upone me through the want of thair pay in sevene month that I am constrained to be troublesome unto your lordship in thair behalf, more then for my owen wants; beseiking your lordship most humblie to tak some present course for thair satisfactioun, for we have rune so long on trust that those we are adebted unto are almost in dispaire of thair payment, haveing so long beine put off upone hops, notwithstanding of the rumore of the great soumes payed unto our armie, whairof we cane ressave no portioun, as gife we wer not of your armie or under the capitullatioune of the estaites of this kingdome, who being now togidder your lordships wilbe pleasit favourablie to forsee and provyde for our necessare mentenance. And knowing your lordships will alledge that count doeth go befor payment to cleir what is dew to the regiment of the sex monthes lastbypast, I have directed with the beirer, my leutennant collonell, the subscryvit account, conforme to your lordships last order in reforming the regiment with the deductioun of two inferior officers of each companie, in obedience to your lordships commands, although contrair to my capitullatioun maid with the estait. So expecting your lordships pleasure in giveing precept and warrant for our payment, conforme to the account, and that as a speidie remedie to our necessities, ansuerable to the trust and confidence of,

Your lordships humble and obedient servitours, Robert Monro, Mordingtoun, Julii 29 1641.

3 Augusti 1641

Producit and red in parliament.

  1. NAS, PA7/2/66.