[Supplication of Mr James Mowatt of Ollaberry, for himself and on behalf of the inhabitants of Shetland]

Supplicatioun Maistir James Mowatt for Yetland2

To the king's most excellent majestie and most honorable estates of parliament,

The humble petition of Maistir James Mouat of Ollaberrie, for himself and in name and behalfe of the remote inhabitants of Yetland, conforme to commission.

Sheweth that wheras in anno 1634 his majestie wes graceouslie well pleased upon remonstrance of the grieveance of the said island at that tyme by the petitioner to give order to the most honorable privie counsell for remedying theirof and authoriseing a commissionare for going thether for trying and rectifying all abuses there, which order the said counsell did approve; but in respect of vacation then instant and winter approacheing, the going of the said commissionar wes delayed; and therafter being delayed tooke no effect, wherthrow the said inhabitants have bein and are much greeved and have taken occasion in this happie tyme of reformation to renue thair said remonstrance by the said petitioner.

Therfor, it is humblie argued that a committie may be appointed for examining the said greeveances and concluding upon fit remedies to be applied therto by sending a commissionare or other wayes as shalbe found expedient.

  1. NAS, PA6/4, 'August 3 1641'.
  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.