[Letter from the commissioners at London to the lord general]

23 July 1641, from the commissioners at London to the lord generall2

Our verie gud lord,

The great committie from the parliament of England appoyntit for seiking out moneyes for disbanding the armies does find that work so difficle be reasone the daylie charge of the armies doth exhaust all the moneyes they can possibly get; as they ar now sensable this evill cannot be remeidit bot be taking the readiest way for disbanding and so to remove that consumer, which will enable them to get money to pay both arriers and that part of the brothairlie assistance promeissed to ws. And uthair moneyes cannot be had presentlie, they will mak use of thair credite and get trust for a short tyme, for the poll monyes comes in fast, altho not in such quantitie as both to entertane the armies and pay the arrers, which make them say they will disband with great rests to thair awin armie. Thair desires to ws, which we represent to your excell[ence], ar first to condiscend upoun a certaine day when yow will disband; nixt to spair the 80,000 lib. of brothairlie assistance for some few dayes. Altho it becomes not ws to give a determined answer, yit we know that yow ar desireous and readie to depairt so soone as the articles of the treattie ar ratefied in parliament heir, and that the arriers dew to your armie and 80,000 lib. of brothairlie assistance is satisfied for the articles. They will come up with the Erle of Dumfermeling and Lord Lowdoun, and will be enacted within verie few dayes for the arriers, quhen your excell[ence] shall condiscend upoun a certane day for disbanding the armie, quhither it be the 3, 4 or 5 day, or ony wthair day preceiding the 10 of August, agane the which yow think the armie may be sufficientlle readie to be disbandit, we once knowing the certane day, can compt all the arriers to the said day and press the payment thairof. We expect all the arriers preceiding this day shalbe readie to send away within few dayes, which we intend to send be sea, with the which yow may be expeding all the accompts of Bishoprick and Northumberland. And when we get word of the preceise day of the disbanding of the armie from yow, all the arriers betwixt this day and the day of the disbanding shall be craved be ws and sent athair to yow with all expeditioun or answered be exchange heir; a great number of these being yit lying upoun our head, which must of necessitie be satisfied and be delyverit heir. As for the 80,000 lib., all the favour that they desire is that the payment of it may be superceidit wntill the 10 of August, at which tyme they promeise verie gud securitie of noblemen and burgesis, and to have it readie and send it to Scotland in ane of the kingis shippes. It hes evir bene owr desire that a considerable great sowme should be sent for supplying the wants of that natioun that is so destitute of money. We thought evir the transporting of it in the kingis shipe the surest way, only they requyre a little more tyme, which by appeirance your excellence and the committies will not deny, we being certified that the same shall be delyvered the 10 day at fardest, and sooner if possibly it can be had.

We resavit ane lettre from our commissars quho haid treated with the commissars of Bishoprick and Northumberland appoynted for taking in the accompts thair. We find they crave many extraordinarie and wnreasonable thingis in thair compts, and we doe thairfor crave that your excellence wald ryplie advyse with your awin comissioners and set downe these particulars which yow think in reasone should be allowed athair as being pactioned be yow or as being customeable in wthair places quhair ane armie is among freindis or quhair it is fit to be done heir in this natioun at this tyme. Set down these and we shall endevoir to get assureance that we shalbe troubled with no wthair bot with these; wthairwayes they will bring in clames to exhaust all our brothairlie assistance. Set doun reasones to ws for everie ane of thair clames yow doe deny. And we doe earnestly intreat your excellence to send ane answer of the day of disbanding als soone as yow can for all resolutiones depends thairon. And they newir expect heir that we shalbe gone. It seimes to be expedient that yow should proceid with your compts with the counties and allow all these thingis yow think ressonable. As for thair exorbitant articles, let them keip a note of them, bot it semes expedient your lettre to ws should bear that yow must be secured that nane of these extraordinary articles should be requyred from yow and expresly certeified that the brothairlie assistance of 220,000 lib. resting shalbe burdened with none of these nor with no clame quhatsoevir eftir we ar gone, bot that all thingis clameable may be presentlie exprest. Haveing no further we rest,

[...], London, 23 July 1641

Post script: The Englishe ar resolveing to disband thair armie upoun conditioun that your excellence designe a peremptorie day for disbanding ours, for which we must give publict faith. Thairfor desires your excellence to wryt your resolutioun heirin and caus cleir the accompts, as the lettre bears. Your excellence humble servants. Sic subscribitur: Rothes, Patrick Hepburne of Wauchtoun, J. Doudglas, Hew Kennedy, J Smith.

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  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.