[Letter from the lord general to the parliament]

Ane lettre fra the generall to the parliament, 28 July 1641

For the estats of parlament now sitting at Edinburgh2

Right honorable,

I have receaved a letter this day from our commissioners. Because the contents of their letter ar so important and of so great consequence, I have made haste to take a coppie thairof and have sent the principall with all hast to be presented and advised by your lordships and the estates of parliament now mett togither. I wishe the bearer may be at Edinburgh befor the Earle of Dumfermling and Loudone have their dispatche, for as oure commissioners crave a speedie aunswer from me, so I will wait and look to be directed by your lordships what aunswer I should make and, as I receave the commandement from your lordships, so I shall obey the same, as becommeth,

Your lordships most faithfull and humble servand, A. Leslie, Newcastle, the 26 of July 1641

28 July 1641

Red in audience of the parliament, to gidder with the letter wherunto the same it relates, who appointed ane committie of all the estaitts for answering the same.3

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  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.
  3. This clause is written on the rear of the document.