[The king's demands submitted to parliament]

The king's demands

1. Concerning the election and appointing of officers of state, counsellers and sessioners, it is his majesties desir that the answer givein alreddy upon that proposion in the treatty be condiscendit wnto and accepted as fittest for his majesties honour and the just satisfaction of his subjects.

2. His majestie haveing most cleirly exprest his royall resolution to establische a durable peace in the churche and state of this his aincient and native kingdome, and for that effect to be present at the parliament heir, and being most desyreous to prevent all impediments whiche may cross or hinder that cordiall unitie so really intendit by his majestie, doth earnestly desir and expect as a thankfull retributioun of the parliament's respect that the Earle of Traquhairs humble submission to his majestie and them wilbe accepted, for whatsoevir he hes done haveing relation to his majesties commission or instructions, and the rather, for that he is most willing to answer any thing ells can be laid to his charge before the king and the parliament; and being accepted and recorded, that no further sentence of parliament pas against him.

3. His majestie desirs and expects that all uthers cited to the parliament who sall not be fund guiltie of sum great and extraordinary cryme, bot have only left the cuntrie and adhered to the king, be past from.

4. Seing all is now to tak a peaceable close, and that his majestie is to establische religion and the liberties of this kingdome without resentment of whatsoevir wes displeasing to him in the bygane trubles, his majestie desirs and expects that the keepers of Treeve, Dunbartan and castell of Edinburgh may be remitted and restored to their estaits in this parliament.

5. Although the fontaine of justice is not to be stopt, nor the legislative power which is in his majestie and the parliament to be restrained, yit seing all things conceaveit to be necessarie for the peace of the churche and kingdome after full debate and upon mature deliberation ar agried wnto, his majestie expects confidently that speciall care wilbe had that no new thing be urged in this parliament which may be derogatorie to his regall power, honour or benefite.

21 Julii 1641

Producit be the Erle of Dumfermelin and Lord Lowdoune and publiklie red in audience of the estaittis, who appoints everie estate to haif ane copie heirof to be advysed thairupon; and when they haif advysed upon the same apairt, to appoint four of everie nomber to meitt altogidder for debateing what they haif thought apairt and prepairing thair answer to be presented in face of parliament.

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