[Copy of the Earl of Traquair's submission]

The trew coppie of the Earle of Traquairis submissione to the parliament of Scotland, the principal subscryved be Traquair himselff hes beine seine be the commissioners heir and is reserved be his majestie to answer be returned2

I, Johne, earle of Traquair, doe declaire and profes that as it is the dewtie of ewerie good subject and patriote to desire and endevour that ther may be a right understanding betuixt the king and his people, so am I infinitlie sorrowfull and unfainedlie greaved that my misfortune and unhappines should be suche as that any of my relatiounes or actiounes or any thing cumeing from me should have given any caus to the contrair, or of any discontent to the parliament of Scotland, for whiche in all humilitie I deprecate ther favour. And to testifie my grieff and unfained sorrow for that which hes past, and the trew and sincere sence which I have of the dewtie and obligatione I owe to the parliament of my native countrie, and that the world may see the value and esteime I putt upoun ther favour and love, I trewlie professe and attest God, who is the searcher of all hairttis, that nather lyff nor anie worldlie thing is or shall be longer pleasing unto me then I may enjoy the same with his majestie favor and good will of my countrie. And alsoe to witnes how unwilling I am to give any caus or to be any occasioune of discontent or jealousie betuixt the king and the parliament, I doe by thease frilie submitt my selff to his majestie and the parliament to be disposed upoun at his majesties and ther pleasour, and doe humblie crave that it may please his majestie and the parliament that I may reteare my selff from court and all publict imploymentis in the state, and noe more repaire to court nor medle with the imploymentis of state, wnles the king and parliament shall call me furthe to mak use of my service in any thing I can doe, to whois commandis I shall ever pay all dewtifull and humble obedience. Sic subscribitur:

Traquaire, Haigate, July 9 1641

At Edinburgh, 14 July 1641

This copy was produced be the Lord Lowdown in presens of the comittie and ane number of noblemen, members of parliament, comissionars of schyres and borrowis.

Burghly, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum]

15 Julii 1641

Producit be the Lord Lowdoune and red in the face of parliament.3

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  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.
  3. This clause is written on the rear of the document.