Warrant: to the Lord Yester
Warrand to the Lord Yester and utheris underwrittin for seighting of the rolles and comptes in the castle

The estates of parliament, finding it necessar that the registeris in the castle of Edinburghe be searched for seighting, looking out and exhibiting befor the committie for the incendaries off all exchekker rollis and comptis since the yeir of God jM vjC threttie for cleereing of certaine poyntes conteyned in the sommondis against the incendiaries, doe by thir presentis command the Lord Yester, Sir Thomas Hope of Kerse, Patrike Leslie, commissioner for Abirdene, with Maister James Durhame of Pitcarro and Maister Archbald Johnestoune of Warrastoune, to goe to the castle and ther to seight the registers and to seeke out the saidis rollis and accomptis of exchequer, and to exhibit the samene befor the committie appoynted for the incendariis, and for that effect commandis Maister Williame Hay, ane of the clerkis of the parliament, to goe with them and to open the registeris wnto them to the effect abovewrittin, and to be present with them as clerke to the parliament and as present haveris of the keyes of the saidis registeris, commanding lykewayes the constable of the castle of Edinburgh upoun the seight heirof to give way to the persones abovewrittin to the openeing of the dore of the saidis registeris, quhairanent and anent the haill premiss sall be ane sufficient warrand.

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