Procedure: ordinance in favour of Elizabeth Ross
Ordinance of parliament in favouris of Eleizabeth Ros, relict of wmquhill Donald Roy, miller

The qhilke day the estates of parliament, having red and considerit the supplicatione givine in to them be Eleizabeth Ros, relict of the said umquhill Donald Roy, miller, desyreing ane command to the thesaurer deput and lordis of exchekker that no remissione nor respite be past to these men who slewe hir husband without ane letter of slaynes, wnles shoe be callit therto and hard therwpon, the saidis estates of parliament ordeanes the thesaurer deput and lordis of exchekker to pas no remissione nor respit in favoures of the pairties contenit in the supplicatione for the foirsaid slaughter whill the supplicant be first callit therto and heard therupoun.

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