Rollis callit and prayer said.

Procedure: ordinance for meeting and receiving the king
Ordinance of parliament for meeiting and receiving of the kingis majestie

The quhilk day the estates of parliament appoynts the lord louetennent generall, the Erles of Argyle, Mershall and Weymes to goe upon Frayday nixt, being the therteene of this instant, to meit and receive his majestie at Glaidsmure, wher the saidis estates ordeanes the haill gentrie of the shyres of Berwicke and Louthian, Eist Louthian and West Lothian to attend the saidis noblemen to that effect, and ordeanes lettires to be writtine to the shereffis of these shyres for giveing speedie adverteisment heirof to the gentrie, quhilks lettiris war accordinglie presentlie writtin, subscryved and sent to the shereffis of the foirsaidis shyres.

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