Rolles callit and prayeres said.

Warrant: to the king's advocate
Warrand for the kingis advocat his incomeing and sitting in the house of parliament

The quhilk day the desyre anent the admission of the kingis advocat to sit in the house of parliament, seing also he is advocat imployit be the estates and commandit be them to concurre with the rest of the procuratoris, being tane to consideratione be the estates of parliament, they thinke it expedient to call the advocat into the house to sit upoun the foote of the throne covered with his hat upon his head to ansuer what shall be demandit of him be the parliament, who declaires that thir presentis shall give no farder priviledge to him nor shall give him no voyce in parliament, sieing he is only callit be the parliament to sit and heir and ansuer when he is askit so long as they have to doe with him.

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