Warrant: for the sitting of the exchequer
Warrand be the parliament to the exchekker for the sitting therof

The quhilk day the supplicatione givine in to the parliament be the thesaurer deput and lordis of exchekker, desyring libertie to hold exchequer for receiveing the kingis rentes and passing signatoures, being red in audiance of the parliament, the estates of parliament dispenss with the siting of the exchekker for receiveing his majesties rentis which are voluntarlie payit without compulsitour, and sickelyke wpoun passing signatouris upoun the conditiones falloueing, viz: provyding that no signatoures be past in the name or to the behove of any persones cited to the parliament and that no signatour shall be prejudiciall to any pairtie who have beene imployit in the army or service of the publict effaires, and als that no signatoures be past which beires to be granted with consent of the Erle of Traquair, thesaurer, or ar dockit and subscryveit with his hand sen he was commissioner to the parliament befor the saidis signatoris be represented in parliament, but prejudice allwayes of these signatouris which are past the exchequer befor the dait of thir presents, quherwnto this present ordinance shall nowayes be prejudiciall, albeit the same beir to be granted with consent of the said Erle of Traquair or docked with his hand.

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