Rollis callit and prayeres said.

Warrant: for concluding and subscribing the treaty
Commissione and warrand for concluding and subscryveing of the treatie

The quhilke day the estates of parliament now conveened in parliament, haveing tane to ther consideratione that the commissionaris appoynted be the committie of estates for the treatie by ther instructiones are appoynted not to end any thing in the treatie by subscriptione without consent of both committies, as also that the quorum of the commissionaris are ordeanit be there commissione to be seavine, and heirwith also considering that the pouer of the committie now ceases in respect of the present sitting of the parliament, and that the saidis estates hes lykewayes retrinched the nomber of the commissionaris to tuo for ilk estat, viz: the Erle of Rothes and the Lord Loudoune for the nobilitie, Sir Patrike Hepburne of Waughtoune and Sir William Douglass of Cavers for the barrones, and Johne Smythe, burges of Edinburgh, and Hew Kennedy, burges of Air, for the burrowes, therfor, and for the mair speedie concluding of the foirsaid treatie, the saidis estatis gives and grantis full pouer and warrand to the saidis sex commissioneris aboue nameit, or any fyve of them, to consult, advyse, determine and conclud the articles of the treatie conforme to the instructiones subscryved be the preses of the parliament and delyvered to the Lord Loudoune and to the articles of the treattie also delyvered to the said Lord Loudoune, and markit and subscryved wpoun everie battering therof be the clerke of the parliament. And at the ending and concluding of the samene articles, the saidis estates gives full pouer and warrand to the saidis sex commissionaris abovenameit, or ony fyve of them, to subscryve the saidis articles of treaty being aggried and concludit be them, conforme to the instructiones foirsaidis, quhais consent and subscriptione therof the estates of parliament declaires to be alse valied and effectuall as if the samene ware subscryved be the whole estates themselves, and that the estates shall ratifie the samene in parliament, the saidis articles of treatie sua subscryved and concludit being alwayes ratified in the parliament of England. And sicklyke the saidis estates of parliament ratifies and approves that whilke the commissionaris conteanit in the said former commissione granted be the committies of estate to them hes done anentt [t]he said treattie, conforme to ther commissione and instructiones granted be the saidis committies of estat to theme theranent, quherof the estates of parliament does allowe and heirby approves the samene, and ordeanes this ther warrand and commissione abovewrittin to be subscryveit be the preeses and clerke of this present parliament for and in name of the whole estates, and being sua subscryved declaires the samene to be alse sufficient and efectuall as if thir presents ware subscryveit be the haill estates.

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