Rolles callit and prayeres said.

Procedure: articles of the treaty approved; Loudoun appointed to return to London

The articles of the treatie betuixt the kingdomes being writtine and drawne wpe in mundo, with the instructionis to the commissioneris at Londone theranent and ane lettir to his majestie, and being all publictlie red in presence of the estates of parliament, the saidis estates approves the samene and ordeanes the clerke to subscryve and marke the articles of the treatie wpon the bake therof at the battering of the throughes, and sickelyke to marke the supplicatione from these who are fled out of Ireland, and ordeanes the president of the parliament to subscryve the instructiones, and these who subscryved the first lettir direct to his majestie to subscryve this also.

The estates of parliament thought it expedient to give onlie one particulare ansuer to the articles of the treatie which requyred greatest expeditione, and that for the present they will onlie give ane generall ansuer to the demandis exhibit be the Erle of Dumfermling and Lord Loudone or any other articles not conteanit in the treatie till his majestie come in persone for concluding this parliament, which they thinke will prove satisfactorie. In respect wherof, the Erle of Dumfermling and Lord Loudoune declaired that the performance of his majesties intendit favors exprest be them concerneing these particularis not contenit in the treatie are lykewayes in his majesties owne frie arbitriement to doe therin as he in his royall wisdome shall thinke expedient, sicklyke as if the saidis propositiones had newer beene mad in parliament.

The estates nominatis and appoyntis the Lord Loudoune onlie to returne to the remanent commissionaris at Londone with the articles of the treatie, to the effect ther may be ane equall nomber of commissioneris for each estate at Londone.

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