Rollis callit and prayer said.

Procedure: summons to be raised against the Earl of Montrose and others

The preses of the parliament produceit ane paper conteyneing some questionis giff the articles exhibited againes the Erle of Montroise, the Lord Naper, the Lairdis of Keir and Blakehall and Walter Stuart should be groundis of citatione againes them or not for the reassones conteyned therin; quhilk being publictlie red,

Efter voyceing, it was fund be the estates that the articles produceit and red are ane sufficient ground of citatione againes the persones abone nameit, and accordinglie ordeanes sommondis to be raisit and they to be citat. And for doeing heirof, appoyntis Maisteris Rodger Mowat, Alexander Peirsone, James Baird and Thomas Nicolsone, procuratouris formarlie appoynted be the committie for the publicke, to whom adjoynes Sir Thomas Nicolsone, and findis it incombent to his majesties advocat to concurre and insist in this persut and commandis him to doe the samene, all which advocatis the estatis appoynts to draw wp the said sommondis and to insist in the process and whole actis and proceidingis therof.

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