The rolles called and prayeres said.

Procedure: dispensation to try Master John Stewart

Anente the petitione presented to the Erle of Argyle and kingis advocat craveing dispensatione to the justice generall to sit upoun the assyze of Maister Johne Stewart, notwithstanding of the siting of the parliament, the estates grantis the same and gives the Lord Elphingstoun, the Laird of Ethernie, John Semple, commissionar for the toune of Dumbartane, and Sir James Leirmonth of Balcomie, ane of the senatouris of the colledge of justice, assissouris to the justice or his deputis in the said proces and whole proceidingis thairof, and ordeanes these who are procuratoris for the estates to joyne with the kingis advocat in the said persute.

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