Procedure: articles agreed for ordering the house of parliament
Articles agreed upon be the estates for ordering the house of parliament

1. It is ordeaned that none be admitted to remaine in the parliament house with the estates but onlie the memberis of parliament, and it is declaired that onlie the thrie deput clerkis of parliament are the onlie nomber of the clerkis allowed be the estates, with ane servand to ilke ane of them, to remaine in the parliament house for serveing of the estates. It is also declaired that the clerke of the assemblie and agent for the kirke shall be permittit to remaine in and sit at the table with the saids clerkis of parliament and ther serveandis.

2. Item, it is ordeanit that the whole committies of estate, asweell these lordis of the sessione who are wpoun the committie as the wther barrones and burgesse of that nomber, with the clerkes of the committie and his collige and the procuratouris for the estat nominat be the committie, shall also be permitted to come in and sit heir.

3. Item, it is ordeaned that none who are admited to remaine within the house of parliament shall have any weapones except the memberes of parliament and these only to have ther suordis if they please. Reserveing to the constable and mershall and ther servandis there ordinarie armes, whilkis they are onlie permittit to have in the ryding dayes of the parliament, that is the first and last dayes therof.

4. Item, it is ordeanit that there be tuo sessionis everie day, ane fra nyne houris to tuelffe houres and ane wther fra thrie houres to sex houres, except only one the Mononday, wpon the which ther shall be no sessione, bot the Monday shall be altogidder frie, and one the Satirday one sessione onlie fra nyne houres to tuelffe houres in the foirnoone and no meiting in the afternoone that day; and for bettir keeping thir dyettis ordeanes the sermones ilke day to end befor nyne houres, and appoyntes ane great bell to ring ane competent space at the saidis severall houres of meeting and ane litle bell in the parliament house also to ring at the houres of dissolveing; and also ordeanes the rollis to be callit everie tyme when the preses sits doune and who beis not then present and entires eftir the calling out of the rollis to pay the penulties falloweing, viz: 18 shilling for the noblemen, 12 shilling for ilke barrone and 6 shilling for ilke burges; and it is ordeaned that thir penulties falloweing, viz: tuentie pund for ilke nobleman, tuentie merkis for ilke baron and ten merkis for ilke commissioner of burghes shall be payit be them respective for ilke dayes absence, and the halfe of these penalties for ilke sessionis absence, bot the haill penalties to be payed for the Satirdayes absence wherine there is onlie one sessione, and no licence nor excuse for absentis to be granted bot be the preses with consent of the house.

5. Item, it is ordeanit that none speeke without licence askit and granted be the preses, and who beis permitted to speeke that he be hard to ane end without interruptione, and that wha shall reply direct his speich to the preses and not to the former speeker for escheweing of contest and hate; as also that none interrupt the tyme of voyceing.

6. Item, it is ordeanit that the noblemen and commissioneris of shyris and burrowes shall take ther places as they are or shalbee called by the rollis, whilkis places to remaine voyd in ther absence.

7. Item, it is ordeanit that all these who are admitted to remaine in the parliament house and are not members of parliament shall keepe ther places appoynted and be wncovered and silent, except they be desyrit to speike.

8. Item, it is ordeanit that a minister be appoynted to attend everie day for the prayer at morneing and evening; as also that ane minister be appoynted everie Sabbath day dureing the parliament to preach in the parliament house to the memberis of parliament.

9. It is statute and ordeanit be the estatis of parliament that when ony overtouris is proponit everie estat shall have the samene overtouris tuentie four houres to advyse the samene befor they be wrgit to ansuer therto.

10. It is ordeanit that the parliament house be hunge and the claith of state put wp.

11. Item, it is ordeaned that the mershall of the house and his deputis that he sie the articles abowewrittine, sua farr as concernes there office, put in executione; and in the meanetyme committis to the Erle of Lothane, the Laird of Dune and Maister Robert Barclay, commissioner for Irving, to sie the orderis beforwrittin performeit, observeit and put in executione and this dureing the absence of the mershall.

12. Item, for bettir keeping the houris of meiting it is ordeanit that whosoevir comes in sero shall pay there penalties therof at ther incomeing before goeing to ther seatis; and who failyies shall pay the double and the refuiseris therof to have the censur of the house.

13. Item, that the rollis be called everie night bebefor the prayeris be said and who beis then absent to pay the penultie of ane sessiones absence, except such ane reasonable cause be shawne as shall be admitted.

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