Letter: from the estates to his majesty

The lettir directed be the estatis to his majestie beirand ther contentment for his majesties intentione to come in persone and ratifie what shall be concludit in the treatie, and shaweing the resolutione of the parliament for sitting still for prepairing bussinessie, bot not for concluding befor the 17 of August, and acquanting his majestie with the refuse of Traquaires submissione and ther desyre to remand him being publicklie red and approvine be the estates, they ordeane the samene to be subscryved be four of ilke estat and the preses of the parliament. For doeing wherof, each estat nominat thir persones, viz: for the noblemen, Argyle, Sutherland, Mar and lord louetennent generall; for the barrones, lairdis Innes, Dune, Cambo and Kerse; for the burroues, Edinburghe, Pearth, Dundie and Aberdene, quhilke lettir was accordinglie subscryved in face of parliament.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.72r.