Procedure: summons and proceedings against the incendiaries

The estates ordeanes the incendaries and these wther cited to the parliament to be callit, quherupon Maister Thomas Nicolsone, advocat, ane of the procuratouris for the estate, produceit ane roll of ther names which was publiclie callit in diverse places of the house of parliament and at the doore.

Quhairupon Sir Lues Stewart and Maister William Burnet compeired personallie for themselves, James Gibsone for Sir James Lundie, the Lord Forbes declaired he will ansuer for Caskiben and his sone, the Lord Amont declaired he will ansuer for some of the Gordons or otheris in Fyvie or theraboutis, James Hay of Murefeild offred to produce a testimoniell of the seeknes of Gilbert Johnestone, the remanent being callit did not compeir nor ansuer.

The Lord Loudoune relaited that his majestie had both writtine himselfe and caused the commissioneris wret to knowe of the heidis of the challenges maid to Sir Lues Stuart, and desyrit that incaise the same ware not of great importance he might be past from sieing his majestie had sent for Sir Lues himselfe to advyse in respect of the advocatis inabilitie.

Lykas Sir Lues Stuart askit instrumentis, that he was redy to obey the citatione of the parliament and desyrit to knowe the groundis of his challeng that he might ansuer therto.

The estates continoues this mater that they may advyse wpoun the most expedient and formall course of their proccedingis therintill and declaires that they will call wpoun Sir Lues Stuart when they thinke tyme.

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