Committee Members: committee for ordering the house of parliament
Committie for ordering the house of parliament

The estates grantes commissione to the Erle of Lothiane and Lord Almond for the noblemen, the lairdis of Dune and Cragivar for the barones and to the commissioneris of Dundie and Aberdeine for the burrowes, to meet with the Erle of Kinghorne for the constable and the Erle of Mar for the Mershell, with any of the magistratis of Edinburghe, and to thinke wpon such meanes and reullis as are fiting for ordering the house of parliament in the best maner which may bee for the decent accommodation of this heighe court of parliament and avoyding of confusioune and noyse in ther sitting and proceeding, and ordeanes John Dickesone to attend this committie as clerke to meet and report in face of parliament.

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