Letter: king's letter to parliament and protests against
Instrumentes upon production of the kingis lettir and protestation for the estates

The quhilke day, in presence of the estates of parliament this day conveened, compeirit personally Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, knight, his hienes advocat, and delyvered to Robert, lord Burghlie, president chosine be this meeting of estates in parliament, ane lettir from his sacred majestie to the noblemen, barrones, commissioneris of shyris and burrowes of his majesties parliament in Scotland, quhilke letter the said lord president resseavit in all humilitie and caused to be publicklie red in presence of the estates now conveened, quhairof the tennour falloueth: Charles R[ex]. Right trustie and weelbeloved cousignes and counselloures, right trustie and weelbeloved cousignes, right trustie and weelbeloved counsellouris, and trustie and weellbeloved, wee greet yow weell. Wheras the great occasiones of both kingdomes heath necessitat diverse delayes of the parliament of Scotland and now doeth againe press ws (contrarie to what we expected) to a further prorogatione therof, wherwnto wee doubt not bot yow will be assisting since wee doe assure yow wee intend not to have any further prorogatione, sieing the most materiell particularis of the treatie with your commissionaris are allreddie condishendit wpoun and what remanes is drawing towardis a conclusione, and the bettir to put ane end to all these wnhappie differences which of late heath bred so great a distractione amongest our subjectis and to assure them of our heartie desyre to remove all such impedimentis as may hinder the weell and peace of that our ancient and native kingdome, wee are resolved in our royall persone to hold this parliament; therfore it is our pleasour yow prorogue the said parliament wntill the fyfteene day of Julii nixtocome, with continowatione of dayes, and if any wnexpected occasion shall deteene ws in this kingdome, which by all meanes possible wee will eschew, wee shall appoynt ane commissioner for the halding therof at the day foirsaid, at which tyme wee will live nothing wndone which may conduce to the establishing of the trewe religione, lawes and liberties of that kingdome, so expecting your reddie obedience, wee bid yow fairweell. From our court at Quhythall, the eighteine day of Maii 1641. Wpoun the productione and reiding wherof, and inserting of the samene lettir in maner abowewrittin, the kingis majesties advocat askit instrwmentis, and immediatlie therefter the Erle of Montroise, in name of the noblemen, the Laird of Keir, in name of the commissionaris of shyris, and Johne Semple, commissioner for the burghe of Dumbartane, in name of the commissioneris of burrowes, protestit that the nameing of his majesties commissioner designit in the foirsaid lettir 'our commissionar' shall nowayes import acknowledgment wpoun the pairt of the estates that the Erle of Traquair, late commissionar, is anywayes to be wnderstood to be that commissioner whom his majesties termes by the nam of 'a commissionar' be reasone hee is indicted to the parliament as ane incendarie or for some other crymes, and declaired that this protestatione they make out of ane assured confidence of his majesties goodnes and justice that his majestie nameing of 'a commissioner' did nor does nowayes poynt at the said Erle of Traquair as comissioner, and for esheweing of all miswnderstanding which the generalitie of the wordis 'a commissionar' conteanit in the lettir may imply, and that in all humility and without intentione of offence to his majestie, quhilke protestatione the saidis estates hes admitted and admittis.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.64r-64v.