[Minutes of the committee of estates regarding the continuation of parliament]

Decimo tertio Aprilis 1641

The thrie estaittis conveined togidder befoir the meitting of the parliament, the noblemen nominate the Erle of Marr, the baronis nominate the Laird of Prestoune, the borrowis nominate Maistir Alexander Jaffray, comissioner for Aberdein, to make the protestatioune.

Thairefter Maistir Alexander Gibsoune of Durie producit ane lettre direct from the committe of estaitte at New Castle to the committie of estaittes at Edinburgh. Efter reiding quhairof, the estaittes declairit they wald geive answer thairto this day efternone anent his accomptes, quhairof the said Maistir Alexander Gibsoune creavit ane dispatche.

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