Act 57
Act appoynting under places in commissariotes under the commissars to be provydit be the comisseris during the interim while course be tane for setling the jurisdiction and rentis of the beshoprikes

The article mentioned to the estates for setling and provyding these wnder offices and places in commissariotis wnder the commissaris which ware formerlie provydit be the pretendit archbeshopis and beshopes who are now abolished furth of this kirke and kingdome, being considerit be the estates, they, for the interim, while some course be tane anent the jurisdictione and rentis of the beshoprikis, ordeanes these wnder offices and places to be filled and provydit be the commisseris during the foirsaid interim, as the samene shall happine to vaike, that these judicatories be not hinderit in the administratione of justice to the leiges be the occasione foirsaid.

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