Procedure: protest; instruments taken
Act 50
Protestation and instrumentes for the burghe of Queinesferrie and for the burghe of Linlithgoue in the contrair thairof

In the parliament haldine at Edinburghe and that sessione therof concludit ellevinth June 1640 yeires, compeired personallie in open and plaine parliament James Dauling, merchand burges of the burgh of Queinesferrie and commissioner chosine be the said burghe to this present parliament, and, as commissioner for the samene burghe, gave and produceit the instrumentis and protestatione wnderwrittin, quherof the tennour fallowes: I, James Dawling, merchand and burges of the burghe of Queinisferrie and commissioner chosene be the said burghe to this present parliament, for my selfe as commissioner and in name and behalfe of the proveist, baillies, counsell and communtie of the said burghe takis instrumentis in the handis of the clerke of this present parliament that at the intrie of this parliament I producit my commissione for the Queinesferrie, which was then ressaveit, markit and admittit be the clerkis of parliament and yit lyes in ther handis with the recordis therof, and that conforme therto I, as commissioner forsaid, hes riddine, sittine and voyced in this parliament as the rest of the commissioneris of burrowes have done, and that conforme to our infeftment of erectione of the said burghe in ane frie burghe royall, after long contentious disput theragainest the burrowes compeiring and opposing befor the lordis of exchekker, and protestis in name foirsaid that the samene rydding, sitting and voyceing foirsaid may bee ane legall possessione of the liberties of our said burgh, conform to our infeftment. And efter productione therof desyred that the samene might be publicklie red for the said burghe of Queinisferrie and in name and behalfe of the proveistis, baillies, counsall and commontie therof, quhilke according to the foirsaid desyre was publicklie red in open and plaine parliament and in audience therof, quherupoun James Dauling, as commissioner for the said burghe and in name and behalfe of the proveist, baillies, counsall and communtie therof, askit instrumentis. Lykeas James Glen, merchand burgese of Linlithgow, commissioner chosine to this present parliament for the said burghe of Linlithgowe, protestit in the contrair of the inftrumentis and protestatione abovementionat mad and tane for the Quenisferrie, and that the commissioner for the Queinesferrie had nather riddine, sittine nor voyced in parliament for the Queinesferrie; and thairwpon the said James Glen, commissioner for the burghe of Linlithgow, in name of the said burgh and haill burrowes, askit instrumentis and protestit in the contrair of the foirsaid protestation mad for the Queinesferrie.

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