Procedure: recommendation to the committee of estates
Act 46
Reference in favoures of Robert Adair of Kinhilte

In the parliament holdine at Edinburghe and that sessione therof concludit the ellevinth of Junii 1640 yeires, anent the supplicatione givine in to the estates of parliamente now conveened be Robert Adair of Kinhilt, quherof the tennour fallowes: The humble petitione of Robert Adair of Kinhilt, that wher your supplicant in the begining of this present parliament did represent to his majesties commissioner and your honouris his great suffering in the kingdome of Ireland upon occasione of his constancie in the Nationall Covenant and the necessarie services and employmentis wndertane be him for advancement of the commoun cause, for the whiche your said supplicant is indytit wpon record and fund guiltie of heighe treason, and his esteate extending to fyve hundreth and fiftie pund sterling is now in his majesties handis and at the deputies disposing, as also hee is debarrit from his moveables and sowmes; all which being by your honnouris remitted to the commissioner his diligence with the kingis majestie for redresse, wherof ther be now litle hope, that way your supplicant is forcit of new to implore your honnouris authoritie and assistance, and humblie to desyre your honnoris seriouslie to thinke wpoun the most commodious and convenient way for your supplicantes present releeffe and for the good of his estate thereftir, leist it tend to the wter ruine of him and his house, which hes continowed these 300 yeires most loyall to the croune and cuntrie, or otherwayes, if tyme cannot permitt, to referre your petitioneris cause to some of your nomber to set doune suche overtouris and remeedis for his good and releeffe as shall be most expedient. Quhilke supplication being red and considerit be the saidis estates, they have recommendit and heirby recommendis the same, with the supplicantes desyre foirsaid, to the committie of estates who are appoynted be ane act of this present parliament to reseid at Edinburghe, to be considerit bee the said committie and thought upon be them for giveing ansuer to the foirsaid petitione according as they shall find most expedient and convenient eftir consideratioune had be them therof; for doeing wherof, the saidis estates gives heirby pouer and warrand to the said committie.

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