Act 28
Act anent the exchekker, declairing the samene to be onlie judges to materes concerning the managing of the kingis rentes and casualities

The estates of parliament, presentlie conveened by his majesties speciall authoritie, for the explanatioun of the 18 act of the lat parliament, holdine at Edinburghe in the moneth of June 1633 yeir, intituled 'Anent the excheker', findes, declaires, statutes and ordeanes that the validity or invaliditie of infeftmentes of his heighnes propertie or of any other infeftmentes may not be discused nor decidit in exchekker, nather by way of actioun, exceptioun or reply, but that the discussing and deceisioun therof is onlie proper to the lordis of sessione; it is addit that the exchekker are only judges to materis concerneing the manageing of the kingis rentes and casualities.

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