Procedure: supplication of the general assembly
The supplication of the generall assemblie conveened at Edinburghe, the 12 of August 1639, to his majesties high comissioner and the lordis of his majesties honourable privie counsell

Wee, the generall assemblie, considering with all humble and thankfull acknowledgment the many recent favoris bestowed upon ws by his majestie and that thair resteth nothing for croning of his majesties incomparable goodnes towardis ws but that all the memberis of this kirke and kingdome be joyned in one and the same confessione and covenant with God, with the kingis majestie and among our selffis, and conceaveing the maine let and impediment to this so good a worke and so much wished by all to have beene the informations mad to his majestie of our intentiones to shake off all civill and duetifull obedience due to soveragnitie and to diminishe the kingis greatnes and authority, and being most willing and desyreous to remove this and all such impediments which may hinder and imped so full and perfyt ane unioun, and for cleering of our loyalty, wee, in our owne names and in name of all the rest of the subjectis and congregationes whome wee represent, doe now in all humility represent to your grace, his majesties commissioner, and the lordis of his majesties most honorable privie counsell, and declaires befor God and the world that we never had nor have any thought of withdraweing our selves from that humble and dewtifull obedience to his majestie and to his governement, which by the dishent and wnder the rigne of 107 kingis is most cheerfullie acknouledged by ws and our predicessouris, and that we never had nor have any intentione nor desyre to attempt any thing that may tend to the dishonnour of God or the diminishing of the king's greatnes and authoritie, but, one the contrarie, acknowledgeing our quietnes, stabilitie and happines to depend upoun the saiftie of the kingis majesties persone and mentinance of his greatnes and royall authoritie, who is Godis vicegerent set over ws for the mentinance of religione and ministration of justice, wee have solemnlie suorne and doe sueir not only our mutuall concurrance and assistance for the cause of religion, and to the uttermost of our pouer with our meanes and lyves to stand to the defence of our dread soverane, his persone and authoritie in the preservatione and defence of the true religioun, liberties and lawes of this kirke and kingdome, but also in every cause which may concerne his majesties honour shall, according to the lawes of this kingdome and the dueties of good subjectis, concure with our freindis and falloweris in quyet maner or in armes, as we shall be requyred by his majestie, his counsell or any haveing his authoritie. And thairfor, being most desyreous to cleer our selves of all imputatione of this kind and falloueing the laudable example of our predicessouris 1589 yeires, doe most humbly supplicat your grace, his majesties commissioner, and the lordis of his majesties most honorable privie counsell to enjoyne by act of counsell that this confessione and covenant, which, as a testimony of our fidelity to God and loalty to our king, we have subscrybit, be subscryved by all his majesties subjectis of what ranke and quality soevir.

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