Act 12
Act statuarie appoynting parliaments to be holden once everie three yeir

The estates of parliament, presentlie conveind by his majesties authoritie, considering that by reasone of his majesties ordinarie residence furth of this his ancient and native kingdome, the grivances and complaintes of his good subjectis cannot have so frie and easie acces to his eares as the same may be convenientlie represented to his majesties commissioneris and estatis of parliament from tyme to tyme, and how necessary it is that parliamentis be keeped frequentlie within this kingdome for preservatione of the puritie of Godis true religione, now by Godis providence established within the same, and for the equall and impartiall administratione of justice to all his majesties subjectis and menteyning of peace and concord amongest them by applying of the trewe and laufull remedies to thair grivances and complaintis, and tymeous suppressione of all abuses and corruptionis which otherwayes from small beginingis will growe to great disorders (which frequent parliamentis ware continuallie observed in this kingdome befor his majesties father of happie memorie went into England), have statute and ordeant that everie thrie yeir once at least a full and frie parliament shall be holdine (and oftner as his majestie shall be pleased to call them) within the boundis of this kingdome in the most commodious place and convenient tyme to be thought upon, appoynted and affixed by his majestie and his commissioner for the tyme and the estatis of parliament befor the ending and closing of everie parliament, and to be the last act thairof. And the whole estates wisheth yet, as it was thair happines to have his majesties presence at all parliamentes whill the king had his residence in this kingdome, so that his majestie would be pleased to be present at eache parliament, and they humbly supplicat his majestie for that effect.

Act 13
Act anent production of the registeris and recordis of parliament to the first session of each parliament

The estatis of parliament, now presentlie conveind by his majesties speciall authoritie, considering that for the bettir cleiring and resolveing of all doubtis and difficulties which may aryse in parliamentis anent such materis as shall be brought in befor them, it is verie necessar that they have inspectione of the bookis, registeris and recordis of parliamentis as they shall have occasione to make use thairof, have statute and ordeanit that in all tymes comeing the clerke of register and his deputis, and such otheris who for the tyme shall happine to have the chairge, keeping or power of any of the saidis registeris or recordis, shall be haldine to exhibite and produce the same as they shall be requyred by the estates in tyme of parliament, that they may have the use and inspectione thairof wpon all occasiones as they shall thinke expedient for cleareing of whatsomever difficulties; and sickelyke that the clerke of register, or some haveing power from him and intrusted with the keeping of the registeris, shall be present at all tymes and shall be reddie to give extractis to the leiges in thair particular affaires wpon thair reasoneable chairges and expenses, and both thaise wnder the paine of diprivatione of the pairty contraveining any of the saidis memberis of the actis or to be otherwayes more myldlie or seveerlie punishied as the parliament shall find the fault to demerit.

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