Committee Members: committee for revising the papers debated in the articles in 1639
Committee for reveising the paperis agitat in articles in anno 1639

The quhilke day the estatis appoyntis that shall be ane committie for reveising the paperis formerlie agitat in the articls and reporting the same to the parliament, quhilke committie shall be of ane equall nomber of all estatis, and these of the committie shall be chosine by the haill bodie of the estatis promiscououslie and togidder and not seperatlie by ilke ane of thrie estatis apairt; and appoyntis four of everie ane of the thrie estatis for this committie, viz: Earles of Argyle and Rothes, the Lordis Ballmerinoche and Naper for the nobilitie; the lairdis of Keir, Wauchtoun, Riccardtoun Drummond and Kerse for the barones; and the commissioneris of the burghis of Edinburghe, Dundie, Air and kinghorne for the burrowes, quhom ordeanes to meit and report to the parliament.

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